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GDPR - Are you ready?

If you answered that question with, "What's GDPR?"  You will want to read a little further to avoid penalties and fines for non-compliance.

GDPR is the European Union’s (“EU”) General Data Protection Regulation, which comes into effect  May 2018.  You may think, 'I'm not in the EU, and believe this has nothing to do with me,' but this is far from true.

What's unique about this new regulation is, that regardless of the physical location of your business (ie, even if you are not located within the EU,)  the GDPR will apply to ALL businesses that are processing personal data of individuals who reside in the EU and are related to:

  • offering goods or services to an individual in the EU (even if these goods and services offered at no charge); or
  • monitoring (e.g., internet tracking and profiling) the behaviour of individuals that occurs in the EU (i.e. for marketing purposes.)

This new regulation imposes significant new obligations including reporting requirements on businesses that handle the personal data of EU residents.  If you do not have clients from the EU, then yes, this does not apply to you, but if you do, you need to be working on this now, as you may require new or updated software, as well as processes to ensure compliance.  Failure to comply with these regulations,  can result in significant fines.

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Terry Duzenberry